Hanmi Pharmaceutical Makes Turnaround in Second Quarter with 120% Growth in Sales

Hanmi Pharmaceutical’s growth momentum continued with its operating profit climbing 49.6% in the second quarter. Beijing Hanmi Pharmaceutical, which had taken a severe blow from COVID-19, successfully achieved a turnaround with its sales rising 119.9% year-over-year. Hanmi Pharmaceutical posted a temporary notice stating that it achieved EUR 0.2 billion in sales, EUR 11.6 million in operating profit, and EUR 0.6…

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La Hanmi Pharmaceutical realizza una svolta nel secondo trimestre con una crescita del 120% delle vendite

La crescita di Hanmi Pharmaceutical è proseguita con un utile operativo del 49,6% nel secondo trimestre. La Beijing Hanmi Pharmaceutical, che aveva subito un duro colpo da COVID-19, ha raggiunto con successo una svolta con le sue vendite in aumento del 119,9% anno su anno. Hanmi Pharmaceutical ha pubblicato una notizia temporanea in cui dichiara di aver realizzato un fatturato…

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Korea National Institute of Health (KNIH) conducts field inspection of companies with mRNA technology

Korea National Institute of Health (KNIH), Korea’s top research center in the field of hygiene and medicine (with Mr. Kwon Jun-Wook as President) conducted a field inspection of key companies with mRNA technology.   KNIH visited Hanmi Fine Chemical which is a company specializing in raw materials, which is a subsidiary of Hanmi Pharmaceutical Group and specializes in pharmaceutical products…

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US FDA Designates Fast Track for Hanmi Pharm’s “LAPS Triple Agonist”

According to Hanmi Pharm, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has designated LAPS Triple Agonist (HM15211), an innovative drug for the treatment of NASH (non-alcoholic steatohepatitis) manufactured by Hanmi, as a Fast Track drug. FDA generally designates the drug as “fast track” drugs when considering it must be developed quickly after the careful examination of new drugs with good…

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Chongyoon Lim’s Representative Departed to China and Italy to Unveil the “Second Act” of Hanmi Pharm’s Development

Chongyoon Lim, the representative of Hanmi Science who started the cause of “total health care”, developed new drugs in China, explored targeted medical and health cooperation, and expanded relevant businesses in Italy. On November 25, representative Chongyoon Lim of Hanmi Science listened to In-seon Lee, director of Daegu-Gyeongbuk Free Economic Zone, explaining the support plan at the business contract ceremony…

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Hanmi Science and Pohang University of Science and Technology (North Gyeongsang, South Korea) Join Hands to Develop New Drugs

Hanmi Science will make joint efforts with North Gyeongsang, Pohang City and Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) to develop new drugs. Hanmi Science executed an accelerator-based new drug development agreement with Pohang City and Pohang University of Science and Technology at POSTECH’s headquarters on the 25th. (From left) Dal-hee Lee, Head of the Government Office of North Gyeongsang…

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COREE Group, an Affiliate of Hanmi Science, “Promotes FDA Approval of One-to-One Customized Health Platform”

COREE Group, an affiliate of Hanmi Science, will push its own platform, “life intervention”, into the US market with the ability to improve living habits and predict diseases. Its goal is to obtain a license for the medical software (SaMD•Software as Medical Device) from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is undeniable that it will take several years to…

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Chongyoon-Lim, the CEO of Hanmi Science Creating “Dong-Ui-Bo-Gam” of Bio-Bank.

“The future of Hanmi Pharmaceutical Group will lie in integrating life-care services through the customized health management system. This will be achieved by accumulating big data and sharing medical experiences based on Bio-Bank, just like Korean medical book Dong-Ui-Bo-Gam (registered in Memory of the World), which had integrated the East Asian medicine” Chongyoon-Lim, the CEO of Hanmi Science (Hanmi Pharmaceutical…

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